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The Gourmet Mom: Appetizers Lisa Montalva

The Gourmet Mom: Appetizers

Lisa Montalva

Published April 20th 2010
ISBN : 9781448942756
384 pages
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 About the Book 

The Gourmet Mom: Appetizers is just that. A book filled with 376 delicious, quick and easy appetizer recipes. The first of many books to come from first time author, Lisa Montalva. Appetizers are the first thing anyone looks for when coming to a party- whether it be an intimate gathering, a birthday party, a work event or football party. An appetizer can be the first course or the only course, no matter what- it is one of the most favorite parts of the meal.Being a busy mother and business owner, I think it is sometimes easier and a bit more fun to have a party with just appetizers. Obviously, more cost effective if you are having 30 people.